December is a time to reflect

Harvest is complete. We had plenty of good weather to get it done. Now it’s time for the daily work of cleaning and fixing the equipment and getting the farm ready for the first cold snap.

Lots of people wonder what farmers do in the winter. We’re busy. This is the time we complete all of the paperwork for tax time; prepare our records on nutrient management; analyze corn yield spreadsheets; determine what to plant next year; and look at cost versus input.

It’s also a time to invest back in our people. We’ve had a hard run. Harvest takes priority over everything and it’s time to readjust. We touch base with our employees to get their input on ways to improve and also ask where do they want to go and what do they want to do on the farm. Their input into making improvements is extremely valuable.

It’s “brain time” rather than “do time.” It’s time to think about the best way to produce food in the most sustainable manner possible.Photo by Len Villano

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