Holidays are a time for saying “thanks”

The holidays are a time to catch our breath and say, “thanks.” We work in a business that works on Christmas day. There are cows to be fed and milked. We are so appreciative of the sacrifices our employees make throughout the year, but especially now. At this time of year, we sit down and treat our employees to a meal and say “thanks.”

It’s also a time to say “thanks” to our neighbors and landlords, because they are an important and vital part of our business. Without their land, we can’t feed our animals. We share our farm brochure and give them a snapshot of the year, including investments we’ve made in the farm and the latest innovation for cow comfort. It’s a time to connect.

It all gets down to relationships. At least once a year we need to renew those relationships. That time is now. Happy Holidays!

P.S. Don’t forget the milk and cookies for Santa!

Glass of milk and cookies isolated on white

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