People on and off the farm

We have great employees here at Majestic Crossing. I’ve said before that people are what drive your success. The employees who are physically at the farm aren’t the only people helping drive our success. We also work with a great team of consultants who visit the farm on a regular basis and are key factors to our success. We are really lucky with the people we work with. We fully trust that they have the best interest of our animals and business in mind with all of the decisions that they help us make.

Some of the people who help make our farm successful but aren’t here every day are:

Veterinarian. We work with a great team of local vets who are all very dedicated. Vets come out to the farm on a regular basis to do a “herd check” where they look at each cow’s health individually. They are also available in emergencies when something isn’t quite right and needs immediate attention.

Nutritionist. A nutritionist’s job is to help balance the cows’ diets so that we know they’re meeting their nutritional requirements. The nutritionist also helps us with market changes in feed price. This way we know that we’re meeting the cows’ nutritional needs as well as doing what’s best economically for the farm.

Agronomist. The agronomists look at our crops and soil to make sure we are using the best ways to plant and harvest our crops. We need to make sure the soil has the right nutrients to produce the best feed for our cows.

These are just a few of the people who are essential to our dairy. There are hundreds of different careers in agriculture. Each one plays an important role not only on farms, but in the industry.

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