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4 families. 1 goal.

In 2011, four local families who had been dairy farming in our area for generations came together to form Majestic Crossing Dairy. Through this partnership our dairy has grown in ways that support many families by creating jobs here on the farm and in our greater community.

Our farm may not look like it did when our grandparents milked cows, but our deep commitment to improving our local economy, nurturing our soil, and caring for the cows who provide us all with nutrient dense and delicious milk, remains.

Accountability matters to us. We are F.A.R.M. program certified through our milk processor. We also elected to hire Validus, a third party animal handling verification program that conducts yearly, in-depth animal welfare audits. We provide the best care possible for our cows and they reward us with fresh milk, the first step to all the delicious dairy products we enjoy 

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