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Another growing year wraps up.

Nov 10, 2021 | Life on the Farm

This year has been a hard growing year for much of the country. Looking over our current feed situation going into winter I realize we are very fortunate. 

This year started off really dry. We got just enough rain, right when we needed it so our crops did well. We had a really great winter wheat crop this year. The abundance of hay we made over four cuttings meant that we could sell some to other farmers who needed to buy feed. Corn silage went off without a hitch and we had really great yields.  We’ve been combining our beans and our dry corn and so far yields there are looking strong as well. 

Soon we will once again start working on “Manure Relocation”. Hauling manure out of our pits to return nutrients to the soil and doing some tillage while the weather is good now will help us get ahead on work a little bit for spring. Having a year where the weather cooperates not just for growing and harvest but for fall fieldwork is really a nice change of pace after several years of wet weather.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that everyone is struggling with shortages. You can’t get this, you can’t get that. All businesses have struggled to deal with supply chain shortages, including our farm. We are looking at supply chain issues that are forecasted to be a year or more out from being solved. COVID has really turned the world upside down and the controversy and contention of the last couple of years wears on us all. However, this growing year’s successes have given us relief when so much of what we do has been made more difficult over the duration of the pandemic and I am thankful for that. 

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