Enthusiasm builds for digester project

We were excited to have State regulators visit the farm to see our digester project, an Integrated Manure Management System. Ben Brancel, Wisconsin Department Agriculture Trade & Consumer Protection, Secretary of Agriculture, along with representatives from the Department of Natural Resources, county boards, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and fellow dairy farmers met at the farm to get a feel for the system. It’s encouraging that people are hungry to see what the digester can do. County board representatives and farmers want solutions to handling manure.

Dairy has a social and economic impact on our State. It’s our legacy and our livelihood, providing jobs to hundreds of thousands. While many industries are shipping jobs overseas, Wisconsin’s dairy industry is still growing and thriving. To continue, we need to make sure we are good neighbors and remain economically and environmentally sustainable.

Dairy farmers want to be part of the solution to managing manure. We like to be on the cutting edge of innovation. That’s why we are working together with agencies, companies, academia and our communities. We don’t draw a line in the sand. We believe in working out a solution.

There’s enthusiasm from all sorts of groups for the digester project. Especially from everyone at Majestic Crossing Dairy.

Dean Strauss hosts state and county representatives and farmers to Majestic Crossing Dairy to hear about the new digester. Dean is front row, center. Chris Maloney, COO Digested Organics is to the left, and Ben Brancel, Secretary of Agriculture, is to the right.DO 11.5 Tour Picture

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