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Introducing the team- Hector

Feb 4, 2021 | The Majestic Crossing Team

My name is Hector and I am a Herd Manager here at Majestic Crossing Dairy. 

I grew up in Veracruz, Mexico. I worked in the fields there but I didn’t have much experience working with cows. When I first came to the United States I lived in Arizona and worked construction. But my brother worked at Majestic Crossing and twelve years ago he convinced me to move to Wisconsin and try out working on a dairy. 

What convinced me to stay at Majestic Crossing was my first paycheck. It was almost double what I made in Arizona. But over the years, my role here on the farm has changed and grown and I’ve found many reasons to stay. 

I started here at the farm milking cows and covering both the morning and night shifts. I never wanted to milk cows, I didn’t really like cows, but I stayed here and saved my money. Then I needed knee surgery and needed to help out some of my family in Washington, so I ended up leaving my job here. But while I was gone, I kept in touch with my coworkers from the farm. Then I heard that they had decided to put milking robots in and Darin asked me to come back and manage the robots, so I did. We joke that I took an 8 month vacation. 

When I decided to come back to the farm Darin flew Francisco out to Washington to help me make the 30 hour drive back to Wisconsin. We sold everything we had in Washington and moved back to Wisconsin. When I got here Darin gave me a promotion and a raise so that I could rebuild here in Wisconsin. That meant a lot to me. 

I like what I do each day. I am really interested in the technology that comes with milking robots. At first I could not imagine how it could work, how would a cow learn to be milked by a robot? But after being here to see it and learn it, it’s really an amazing way to take care of the cows. 

Learning how the robots work and learning how to repair them has been something I have loved to do. At first when something would break on a robot we would need to have to call someone else to come and fix it. But I paid attention to what they were doing and I learned and now I can fix a lot of the problems myself. I like that I keep having opportunities to learn here. 

One of the things I like the most about working at Majestic Crossing is the way I am treated here. My bosses inspire me to do what I do and grow in my role here as a manager. They respect me and they trust me to run things. My goal now is to stay here, keep learning, do better in everything I do. Get better and better. I want to keep learning English, so I can communicate better. Even though I didn’t really like cows when I started now I am passionate about them and they are my pets. 

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