March Weather

The first half of March has been unseasonably warm. When the shop door opens up, that is a sure sign that spring is on the way. Knowing Wisconsin weather, we’ve been taking advantage of the warm days just in case winter shows up again. Regardless of what the weather might do in two weeks or two days – everyone has the spring itch.

If the weather holds up, we’ll be in the fields sooner than later. As soon as the crops were harvested last fall we started planning for spring planting.  We base the next year’s planting off of the data from the previous year. We look at the drainage and soil type on each field. From there, we can see how well the crops performed and decide what changes need to be made.

Once the fieldwork starts, we need all hands on deck. The team that has been working in the shop during the winter months will shift gears and do the spring cropping. We have some support staff come in to help with the field work. But for the most part, we’re able to move people around on the farm to get it done.

Now, only weeks before the spring planting, we’re putting the finishing touches on. When the weather is really nice, we want to be in the fields – not doing paperwork.


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