The value of farm tours

Our visitors call our robotic feed pusher a Roomba!

By Darin Strauss

We continue to host farm tours regularly. We receive requests from Sartori Cheese, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and school groups — sometimes on one day’s notice! But, we always try to make time to accommodate the request because we enjoy hosting tours and educating the public about modern farming practices.

Six representatives from a pizza company in Philadelphia toured our farm last spring. They were crazy about cheese! They had a good experience on our farm, and now, they can help tell the story of modern dairy farming in the big city. They were amazed by our robotic feed pusher. They kept calling it a Roomba. The group took pictures and placed it on their social media accounts reaching people in cities. Taking the dairy story to audiences outside of agriculture is important.

Even when we are super busy, it’s always worth our time to do a tour. We can’t say enough about the tours and the positive impact they make.

We encourage farmers to open their farms to tours. It’s an investment in our future.

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